Andy Ross

Andy Ross creates awareness for charities that focus on Assisting our Veterans!1170677_424565774322649_1673514195_n

To say that Andy Ross is a jack of all trades would be an understatement of his immeasurable quality of talent. Besides being the star of Maximum Archery (Sportsman), Ross also writes his own music. The Nashville native has been around singers and songwriters all of his life, and when he needed a unique opener for his show’s fifth season back in 2010, he decided to write one himself (“Three Legged Dog”). Through immense popularity amongst fans, he released his first full-length album “You Ain’t Seen Crazy Yet” in 2011, and a follow-up, “Cold Dead Hand” in July of 2013. Ross has co-written many of his songs, and has worked with some of those who have written for the greats, including Templeton Thompson (Reba McEntire, Montgomery Gentry). The actor-turned-musician has a certain feel to many of his songs, one of country wit and unabashed American pride.  Songs like “Rebel” and “Country Girls Got Game” showcase multiple sides of Ross’ personality, both the more attitude driven and the fun-loving side. Ross doesn’t shy away from the big topics, like his own struggles on “Outlaw Women and Whiskey” or problems in the music industry (“Deal With The Devil”). What you can be sure of, is that you’ll always get a dose of hard-tested truth and brutal honesty from Andy Ross.


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